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Do you feel that you could benefit from your own personal piano coach? KeyTalk is your personal instant connection to having your piano questions answered 24/7!

Throughout my personal musical development, I obtained so much value from being connected to my private piano teachers. While being engaged with those weekly sessions, there were so many instances when I had questions that I simply wanted answers to immediately. Wow, a 24/7 Piano coach. How great would that have been? When these questions started arising a day or two after my lesson, there were days I had to wait to connect with my teacher again. 

If only I had a service like this! Truly, there is nothing like have a coach available to you when you most need it. Imagine having your very own learning resource available to you 24/7 with the click of a button on your phone!

One-On-One Piano CoachingWell, you can now have that kind of personalized service. Your personal piano coach is ready, awaiting your claim. KeyTalk is your personal connection to me 24/7. Naturally, I’m only able to take have a limited number of people subscribe to this service, as there are only 24 hours in a day. There are so many topics this unique service can help you with!

Some of the topics we can discuss:


Chord progressions

Chord voicings

Music theory 


Left hand techniques


Practicing strategies

Reading music


Playing music by ear

Encouraging students

Teaching strategies

Just ask!


When you confide in me by taking advantage of this very unique service, I Red Carpet Service!don’t take it lightly. It will be my pleasure and privilege to roll the “cyberspace red carpet” out for you…

You can begin for just $10

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