EZ Blues Piano Concepts To Help You Instantly Sound Good

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EZ Blues Piano Concepts To Help You Instantly Sound Good

Love blues piano? Sound good instantly!I love the blues. I love listening to the blues… I love playing the blues… I love teaching the blues…

There’s nothing more relaxing than being able to sit down at that piano or keyboard, and make your way through a 12-bar blues with no rush to go anywhere soon.

I created this special blues piano session specifically for beginners who feel the same way about this genre as I do and want to learn how to just get right into playing the blues without having to trudge through a bunch of theory or technical exercises. We take a few simple ideas, have fun experimenting with them, and then immediately start applying them to an actual 12-bar blues form in a way that genuinely sounds good.

What Do You Need To Know To Take Advantage Of This Session?

Actually, the demands are not high…

Are you okay with playing the C7, F7, and G7 chords in their basic form?

Do you feel comfortable counting 4 beats per measure?

Do you love blues piano?

Then you’re good to go. You can apply these concepts while playing as slowly as you like (recommended) as you gain confidence with putting it all together -this shouldn’t take long. Remember, you can take this all as slowwwly as you like. I actually recommend that you do so.

We’ll start by playing those chords in a way that sounds bluesy. Then we’ll add a few cool sounding blues piano licks. Once we tie it all up in a nice package, we’ll be playing through a 12-bar blues in a way that sounds good to our ears (and those of anyone nearby).

Here’s a tiny sample:

(The actual video session exceeds one half-hour in length)

Please click here to get started with this session. By the way, I welcome your questions as you start applying the concepts.

Thank you in advance for your very much appreciated support…

Begin now!