How To Play Piano With 7th Chords The Professional Way


How To Create “Piano Magic” On Those Keys With Very Little

Piano Magic!I have wanted to do this for the longest time. Specifically, here’s what I am referring to:

I’ve been in contact with so many piano students (mostly adults) who know how to play a basic melody and know some basic chords on the piano but have found it to be a challenge when it comes to using what they know in a way that sounds professional.

I mean, I got to really thinking about this… here are people who actually have enough playing tools (though they may not be aware of it) to put a song across in a way that would be pleasing to anyone listening. Yet, they still have reservations about their ability to really sound good.

Instead, they place their attention on learning new chord voicings… piano fills…
and other “fancy dance” strategies without using what they already know to their own capacity. Don’t get me wrong… all those extra strategies are terrific to learn and incorporate into your playing (that’s a reason for my creation of “TV” Tips). But the truth is they haven’t learned to turn their already acquired knowledge into tasteful music.

So, that’s where this comes in. I decided to create a gradual approach when it comes to getting from Point A to Point B. First, I would start with a video session that focused on playing through a generous section of a standard song  using ONLY BASIC CHORDS (I chose Bacharach & David’s Alfie for this one). I’m referring to basic 7th chords in basic root position… THAT’S IT.

When asking myself the question, “Would I resort to this strategy in my own personal playing?” my response was, “I often do!” Then my follow-up thought was, “Well, I’ll just show them how I would do it.”

Seriously, if you were sitting at a piano in the corner of a restaurant or club, employing these very simple concepts, your playing would be accepted with open arms.

So that’s what we have here… the first in a series of videos that will provide you with a gradual step-by-step guide that will actually have you sounding PRO from the very start… then we can gradually build upon that a little more in subsequent video sessions.

In this first video session, we will use the first section of Alfie (10 measures) as we acknowledge musical aspects of professional playing that include:

Playing less rather than more
Being sensitive to balance between the two hands
Playing a melody as a singer would sing it
Making the most of one left-hand chord position
Making what you play mean something

And we’ll be doing all this while playing basic 7th chords with that left hand of yours… yes, like Cmaj7 = C E G B… nothing more complicated than that.

My aim here is to having you TRULY appreciate what you are capable of without convincing you that you need to have more technical skills than you already have.

So, how ’bout it? Will you join me? This video session is a little more than a half hour in duration and it’s packed with plenty of food for thought when it comes to using what you know to play tasteful music on those keys.

Keep in mind that, although we are using an excerpt of Alfie for demonstration purposes, what is being presented here is intended for you to apply to your very own favorite tunes.

Here are a few excerpts from the session:

(actual session exceeds 30 minutes)

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I chose a ballad because, when playing slowly, we get lots of opportunities to really be aware of what’s going on musically… and it gives us more time to “think and see in between the notes,” so to speak. Our confidence can become greatly enhanced more quickly, too.

Once you take advantage of this, I want you to know that I invite your questions, too… so please feel free to contact me regarding your experience if you feel that a little extra input might help you in any way.

Just visit this link, make your request,  and you’ll gain instant access to the session. You can simply view it online or download the mp4 to your device and have it handy on your piano or keyboard music stand.

I truly hope you have fun and learn with this…










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