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Play Piano By Ear (beginners)How To Play Piano By Ear In All 12 Keys Without Knowing How To Read A Note Of Music

I created this little guidebook for the absolute beginner. Being able to play piano by ear is not a special gift reserved only for a select few. Also, you don’t need any musical experience to begin the process. You need a minimal amount of tools to get your ears working in ways that just might amaze you. This little eBook provides them in an easy-to-understand format for the earliest beginner.

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Pro Piano Chord BytesPro Piano Chord Bytes: Secrets To Creating Chord Voicing MagicPeople of various levels are having fun with this. As we know, knowledge of chords and competency with playing them goes hand in hand with playing our favorite songs with confidence and creativity. Those with chord experience know that so many of those special chord sounds they hear their favorite artists play on those standard tunes like Misty, Over The Rainbow, So What, Tenderly, etc., have something special about them. These pro players are in tune with what chord voicings are and how to implement them. Beginning players will be able to simply use the diagrams in each of these lessons to acquaint them with many of these sounds. More advanced players will use the comments and suggestions to take these lessons to many different levels, even to the point of creating their very own unique pro chord sounds. I created these lessons so that people of various levels (beginners and pros alike) will have a learning tool with which they can experience instant results and grow as they mature on their musical journey. I hope you enjoy it!

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Dave Longo