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Piano Chords 101

Piano Chords Video & GuidebookWould you like to experience the kind of freedom that goes hand in hand with understanding and being able to play chords on the piano? I can tell you from my experience that chords are the name of the game! That said, there are four basic types of chords that you need to learn. Being able to play these basic chords will equip you to play so many songs. These chords also serve as the building blocks needed to learn all those other flavorful chord sounds.

I created a special video/guidebook combo that will have you mastering these chords within a short amount of time. I mean, you will KNOW how to play ANY of the 48 basic triads (three-note chords) on command after following the suggestions here. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

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88 Keys To Learning

Learn To Love To Practice!Learn to love to practice! This unique program, consisting of 88 weeks worth of tips, techniques, and strategies, will change your perspective on practicing forever! As with all the items in our store, enjoy instant access for your convenience.

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