Jazz Piano Chord Voicings Program

Get Ready For A Piano Chord Voicings Journey!

Piano Chord Voicings ProgramProProach is a jazz piano chords program that was designed to make creating and using those awesome pro piano chord sounds easily within the grasp of players of any level.

Novices and pros alike have taken advantage of this chord voicings program to enhance both their understanding of how chord voicings work and their personal piano styling skills. “Living room” hobbyists have realized explosive confidence when it comes to playing their favorite standard tunes with more pizazz. Professional cocktail players who have aspired to complement their styles with a more “jazzy” creative flair have utilized ProProach to take their playing to higher levels.
Enjoy Instant Access To All 25 Online Lessons

ProProach is a program that is intended to be enjoyed weekly, one lesson at a time. Initially, this is how the program was issued. However, certain Internet and email service “glitches” can interrupt that usual flow of lessons. That is why the purchaser of the program will gain immediate access to all 25 lessons. The lessons will available at your fingertips 24/7.

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