Sneak Peeks #7


Almost an hour of fun at those keys as you discover yet more of that creative musical genius that exists within! Tri-Tone chord substitution, Shearing block chords, scales, and more. You’ll want to add this one to your collection for sure!


Sneak Peeks #7 is here! Almost an hour of fun at those keys as we aim to enhance your musicality and professionalism by looking at how to make the most of a little, Tri-Tone chord substitution (in more ways than one), how root movement has a significant role when it comes to your piano styling, Shearing block chords, scales for improvisation like Mixolydian, Lydian b7, Locrian, and even a little more of that blues scale. You’ll want to view and listen to this session over and over again as you benefit from not only the subjects at hand but the “peripheral” activity that is sure to lead you to further musical insights and encouragement! Learn more


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