Voicings For Sneak Peeks #1


13 Minute Video, too! Enjoy and benefit from this chord voicings chart that illustrates some of the essential sounds heard and demonstrated in the very popular Sneak Peeks #1. A complimentary video that corresponds with the chord chart is also included!



People requested and now it is so : ) I have created a chord chart for that very popular piano video session Sneak Peeks #1, a video session which exceeds one hour in duration and covers a whole lot more than just chord voicings, of course. This chord voicings chart will certainly not replace Sneak Peeks #1 but a familiarity with the voicings and taking on the action of transposing some of them to other keys will add more dimension to your piano styling, as you incorporated these interesting sounds into your very own favorite tunes.

Although the chord voicings chart can stand on its own, I took things a step further by actually creating a video that compliments it, which includes some added commentary to add value to your experience with it. Learn more


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