Cocktail Piano Secrets #1

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A real confidence booster for cocktail piano/jazz piano enthusiasts and others. The concept discussed here will benefit players of all styles..


If cocktail piano is your aspiration, this just might be the most inspiring 26 minutes you can expose yourself to. In a most encouraging fashion, Dave takes an easy-to-play yet tasteful piano chord voicing and demonstrates how easily colorizing that music of yours is both fun and a breeze. Use this valuable concept for introductions, fills, endings, improvisation, or simply to turn heads of those in the room! An interesting aspect of this concept is that you will learn to “stumble” on your very own chord substitutions, too! Dave casually pages through a fake book as he uses these actual musical excerpts for the purposes of demonstrating this eye-opening and ear-opening strategy.

What you learn here can certainly be taken far beyond the cocktail piano style…

Intermediate/advanced players are likely assimilate and implement the techniques in this video with a good amount of ease. Beginners will view the content as inspiration to continue their journey forward! Whether you play from a fake book or play be ear, you’ll find this to be a tool that enhances your style.

If you’ve already participated with ProProach, you’ll find this presentation to be a perfect compliment. If not, it will serve as a super incentive to begin the popular piano chord program, currently being enjoyed worldwide. Learn more


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