Chord Voicing Stir Fry


Truly your Fast Track to making a standard song “sing” as the piano chord voicings you’ll soon be playing will turn heads in the room. Enjoy this unique learning concept that will have your chord confidence going “through the roof!”


Never an easier way to learn piano chord voicings in the context of a standard song!

This “Easy-As-1-2-3” system will have you bangin’ out pro piano chord sounds quicker than you can imagine… AND you’ll be sounding “pro” in no time flat!

This chord voicing chart system will have you acing some of the finest piano chord sounds available… all within the context of that wonderful standard song Georgia On My Mind!

BUT remember, this is about a whole lot more than making this classic hit sparkle on those ivories of yours… it’s about equipping yourself for handling all kinds of musical situations. Truly, you will be taking what you learn here and transferring it all to your favorite songs time and time and time again!

The benefits you’re about to gain by taking advantage of this system will multiply like a “domino effect” the more you expose yourself to it! Learn more


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