1-2-3 Cocktail Piano #3


Your experience with 1-2-3 Cocktail Piano #1 and #2 continues. You’ll want to apply what you learn here to your favorite tunes!


For those of you who have taken advantage of 1-2-3 Cocktail Piano #1 and #2, you’ve realized that achieving positive results when it comes to “sounding pro” is a much easier task than what you may have initially imagined. When approached in a fashion in which the progressive steps are both fun, easy, and satisfactory, you maintain the energy and enthusiasm to move on. For some of you, the interpretation of lead sheets has been a mystery. Having a melodic line and chord symbols leaves it all up to you as to what you will do with them. However, when you have some simple strategies to follow, those lead sheets serve as “blueprints” for musical magic! Learn more


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