The So What Voicing Explored


Sure, you’ll have a handle on this chord voicing and will be using it time and time again once you’ve exposed yourself to this session but you’re also likely to enjoy some “peripheral” benefits as a result of watching this special video session, too.


The very popular So What voicing explored in a fashion that will have you confident when it comes to incorporating it in virtually any favorite standard song of yours! This particular chord voicing gets its name from the popularity of Miles Davis’ Kind Of Blue album., as it was played prominently during the standard tune So What.

This is a wonderful session to enjoy in conjunction with Pro Piano Creativity: The Nitty Gritty if chord voicing mastery is a goal of yours because you’ll not only want to include this one in your piano styling toolbox but you’re likely to want to keep it right at the top for quick access.

In addition to gaining confidence with using this voicing in your favorite tunes, you’re likely to enjoy some “peripheral” benefits by taking advantage of this fun session, too. In addition, we take a look at the two specific situations in your music this chord voicing works super great (and they occur often!), we see how the voicing is a tasteful choice when used in the context of other chord voicing choices, and we take advantage of the concept of “parallelism” which is a technique of the pros that instantly lets others in the same room know the person behind those ivories is an authority!


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