Blues Piano Chord Voicings: An Introduction


If you’ve always wanted to be able to achieve that “bluesy” chord sound on piano, this is the introduction you are looking for!


The idea here is to get you having some fun playing blues piano – in particular, we are going to focus on those left hand chords. Whether you aspire to play blues piano or you’re always looking for some fresh chord sounds to incorporate into your own style, this video will show you what to do with those left hand chords so that you “sound like a pro” instantly. Once you master the material presented in this workshop, you will feel comfortable and confident enough with that left hand so that you can devote that right hand to playing some of your own interesting ideas.

If you already know how to play a few dominant 7th chords in basic root position, you’ll easily understand what is being presented in this demonstration. Never played blues piano before? This serves as a nice “jump-start”…

If you can play these 3 dominant 7th chords:

C7 = C E G Bb
F7 = F A C Eb
G7 = G B D F

then you’ll find this session what you need to take things to the next level. However, even if you don’t,
following this easy-to-follow Audio Animation Video and simply watching and copying what you see being played will lead you to results. Learn more


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