5 Blues Licks You Just Gotta Know


Read the more comprehensive explanation of this one because you’ll be playing a whole lot more than 5 licks with this one. How about creating hundreds of your own?


5 blues licks? Not exactly. Closer to the truth is that this session provides the simple foundation from which you can actually create hundreds of licks of your own. If you have ever been in search of a “building block” process for creating some very interesting improvisational sounds of your own, you’re at the right place. Created for more than just blues piano enthusiasts, this fun video session will equip you to feel more confident when it comes to creating your own blues licks, piano fills, and longer improvisational lines to be used in songs of any flavor, including those favorite ballads of yours, as the sample video excerpt demonstrates. We use the blues scale as a basis to work from so this one’s not only easy to assimilate but result-oriented. Regular application of what is demonstrated here will lead you to stirring up those creative juices of yours! Learn more


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