Cocktail Pianist Dream Package


Learn to make your favorite songs exclaim “WOW!” as they flourish with color and pizzazz! This amazing collection will take you from where you are to where you want to be when it comes to becoming a super-sonic piano stylist!


Keep yourself busy having fun for a LONG TIME!

What a gift for yourself! This comprehensive package is for YOU if:

* you would like to introduce yourself to playing cocktail piano style and want a collection of tools you can grow with

* you have an interest in cocktail piano playing and aspire to learn and implement so many “tricks of the trade” you’ll have at your fingertips

* you have piano experience and want to enhance your knowledge of piano styling, including adding tasty chord voicings, improvisation, and piano fills to your playing

* you want to learn how to be musically creative and would like a fun approach toward exploring that musical genius within you

“Cocktail Pianist Dream Package” is the proper description here! Our most outstanding collection of piano styling tools available. Chords Voicings, Shearing Blocks, Piano Fills, Improvisation, and so much more!

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