Piano Fills Workshop


Add flair to those melodies of yours! This online course will having you creating your very own great sounding piano fills before you know it!



Tired of those melodies sounding the same time after time? It stops here! This six-part series, delivered right to your inbox weekly, will have you spicing up those melodies like never before! Also, if piano improvisation is an interest of yours and you’re at the beginning level, this just might be the “charm” you’ve been searching for. Easy-to-read explanations & graphics make this learning tool one you’ll cherish. Get ready for those melodies to take on some new attitude!

Your first one is FREE! Six more will follow…

The next one will build upon this lesson in a way that just may have you amazing yourself.

IMPORTANT: The first two workshops are presented via textual and graphic explanations, guiding you through a step-by-step process in creating your own building blocks for many interesting fills to follow. The following workshops consist of video sessions building on the previous sessions and demonstrating using the material being learned in an actual playing situation. Learn more



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