Five Foot Two Eyes Of Blue

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Five Foot Two Eyes Of Blue! Learn simple and effective piano strategies that you can put to use right away. With some practice, your confidence is about to soar as you apply what you learn in this special piano video session!


Five Foot Two Eyes Of Blue! What a classic song! This session was inspired by questions received by private students and online visitors who would like to make the most of even a minimal amount of experience. We online utilize two octaves of the piano keyboard for this one. Also, only a few major chords are necessary to have fun with this one: C Major, E Major, A Major, D Major, and G major. Yes, just those simple triads, some curiosity, and a playful attitude are all you need to gain benefits from this special piano video session. Once you apply these techniques, you’ll find yourself playing with a sense of confidence that will have other people wanting to hear more! Learn more


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