The One Improvisation Secret You Must Know


No experience with improvisation? Get ready to amaze your friends (and yourself). You’ll be improvising before midnight… and appreciating your results. No “boring theory” here. This is a practical technique that will have you enjoying instant results.



This very unique package, which consists of a video demonstration and guidebook, was designed for the individual who aspires to improvise but has absolutely no experience. If this sounds anything like you, this unique combo will seem like a breath of fresh air. This popular tool turns non-believers into musical achievers.

Here’s what you can expect: after one reading and one viewing of the video (both available via instant online access), you will be able to take any melody that you are already familiar with and embellish it in such a way where your playing takes on that “extra flair” within minutes. That’s right. If you think that learning to improvise is dependent on saturating your brain with a bunch of boring theory, then this fun strategy is not what you might be expecting. Dave, the creator of this popular duo, refers to it as “a tool that needs no owner’s manual.” What’s great about this technique is that the more you apply it to the same melody, the more interesting the results. What may sound “complex” to someone listening will seem like a “piece of cake” to you because your improvisations just become more and more mature sounding due to the playful attitude you will adopt using this little gem. Learn more



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