How To Play Standard Songs With Confidence #2


Yes, you really can sound “pro” even without knowing a ton of left hand accompaniment techniques. This popular video session will have you feeling more confident with making the most of what you know rather quickly!


“… apply what you already know in a way that sounds good : ) If you just know triads, fine… if you are familiar with 7th chords, then things can perhaps sound a little more flavorful… if you’ve got a handle on chord voicings, then you can allow these simple ideas to enhance how you are using them. Again, complexity is not the name of the game here. Taking simple ideas and making slight variations can make all the difference as you’re about to witness. In addition, what I find to be especially exciting is that, the more you get a handle on these ideas, the more you are going to be discovering your very own variations of what you will be seeing and hearing here. Truly, this session is likely to offer you a foundation from which to get your personal piano playing style to develop further…” Learn more


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