Practicing Piano: 88 Keys To Learning

Practicing Seem A Bore & A Chore?

Practicing piano just got better!There’s something about that word “practice” that creates a resistance within some individuals. Maybe it’s the implication of hard effort and even boredom.

Change It All

But it never should be like that. As a matter of fact, it ought to feel like a pleasure and privilege each and every time you sit at that piano or keyboard of yours.

I am not able to express in words the fun I had when creating 88 Keys To Learning. It made me recall several episodes of my early practice days which would have been a whole lot more fun if I had the help of the kind of encouragement offered in this collection of “Keys.”

Develop Awesome Habits

I find it interesting how we humans, as creatures of habit, make it really easy to fall into “ruts” of thinking that we never seem to be able to shed. This is especially true when it comes to our approach to practicing piano (or any instrument, for that matter).

There Is Hope

88 Keys To Learning was created to throw a curveball into the “mixing pot” of frustration, anxiety, and boredom that often accompanies practicing. Whether you are an adult who is attracted to the benefits of playing piano but can’t seem to establish a practice routine you can stick to or you are a parent of a youngster whose practice habits are erratic, you’ll find hope in 88 Keys To Learning.

Is practicing scales a thorn in your side? Do you find yourself faced with technical challenges that just seem to recur without being met with a resolution? Does sightreading scare you? What type of practice challenges do you encounter?

Energy Renewed

Use your imagination for a moment. What if all those “bumps in the road” became your source for adventure and a sense of inner accomplishment? As a parent, what if you could offer your child some encouragement that would turn his or her situation inside out for the better?

Piano Teacher’s Helper

Are you a piano teacher? Surely, you already know that each student has their own brand of discouragement or setbacks in some area of their practice routine. You’ll want to encourage each of them to own a copy of this collection of “Keys.” Things will change for them and you will be thanked for it.

Your Own Creativity Awaits You

A chief aim of mine is for you, the reader and practitioner, to use these “Keys” in a fashion that serves you best, including putting your own “spins” on them and coming up with your own insights as you let these ideas change the way you practice. As a teacher, you will undoubtedly incorporate many of these ideas into your own teaching approach to instill more enthusiasm into your students’ practice routines and help them reach greater heights of creativity.

88 Keys To Learning will not replace any piano method you may be involved with, as it was never intended to do that. However, it is sure to serve as the perfect compliment to any piano practice routine. When you incorporate these “Keys” into your routine, the sky’s the limit.