Chord Progressions & How They Work

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Master your understanding of the diatonic circle of fifths and you’ve got the advantage. Let’s take a good look at a few chord progressions you absolutely must know and how we can have fun within this context.



Contained within is the “secret” to understanding how those songs are put together! Get a handle on this one and you’ll be on your way to:

1) Knowing how to be able to predict the next chord in a song like a fortune teller with amazing accuracy!

2) Finally realizing how music is put together!

3) Playing music by ear like you never thought possible!

Understanding this diatonic circle is the “missing link” you need to getting a handle on approaching playing those songs with a sense of confidence that others only dream about. Once and for all, you’ll have a grasp on what so many of those favorite songs have in common (this is KEY to playing piano by ear!) Any other programs that you are getting involved with MUST be accompanied by this one if you truly want to put all those pieces of the puzzle together. Truly the “eye-opener” as well as the “ear-opener” you just might be looking for. Learn more


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