Enjoy learning how to IMPROVISE INSTANTLY!
Audio Animation Video Makes Learning Easy
Audio Animation Video Makes Learning Easy!
Improvisation Made Easy

Dave's Personal Homespun Series

Improvising For The Beginner
Using Building Blocks: "Little Things Mean A Lot"

Dave Longo Hello and welcome! Dave here...

The first thing I want to say here is THANK YOU! So many new visitors
have joined us here at Piano Amore... that's great news! New visitors as well as long term
members have been doing me the service of providing honest input when it comes to the kind of
learning tools you'd like to see here at the site. What is at the top of the list based on your feedback?


So many people have the passion to learn how to improvise and don't know where to begin...
improvisation is a passion of mine, so I decided that not only did I want to satsfy your requests, but I wanted to
make something available right away. The result? Well, I'm creating a personal "homespun" series
which is basically just me sitting at the keyboard using the technology of "audio animation" video
showing you, one-on-one, how to start making those keys sing with some great sounding ideas. This is not
"recording studio" quality material, since I wanted this to be available QUICKLY and affordably.
So for a modest investment, you get to take advantage of this improvisational "straight talk" right away...
so, forgive minor volume level changes, some slight imperfections, etc... I think you'll like this!
I had a lot of fun producing this one...

As I mentioned already, improvisation is a super popular topic here at Piano Amore and
I personally felt compelled to create a little something for beginning improvisors. Those
of you who
have already taken advantage of
The One Improvisation Secret You Must Know
have an idea of my coaching style. Well, again, what we have here is another rather
informal approach to learn a little more about piano improvisation. Here we are taking a bit of a
different angle to piano improvisation. What we have here differs a bit
from the improvisation learning tool
mentioned above. Exposing yourself to both of these just may open your eyes and ears up to some new and

exciting revelations about your own personal ability to have fun improvising at those keys. If you aspire to play
"cocktail" style improvisation and consider yourself a beginner along this avenue, this
is for you... of course, cocktail piano doesn't have to be your thing to soak up
the ideas presented in this easy-to-follow video...

Program Format

What you have to look forward to here is a video which you can either immediately view online
or download for your own future
enjoyment at your convenience (.mp4 format). Either way, access is yours 24/7.
If you ever experience any challenges accessing your purchase,
simply send an email to me at info @ pianoamore
and include in the subject area "Help With Program Access" and I will
take care of your personally.
You can always count on good communication here.

Program Content - This Video

We utilize the first few measures of the classic standard Tenderly by Walter Gross and Jack Lawrence
to demonstrate how we can use simple, tiny building blocks to eventually arrive at
We focus on two very elementary procedures that anyone can immediately start applying... the real
value comes into play when you see for yourself how these concepts can easily flourish into
more sophisticated improvisational sounds. As long as you have fun applying yourself,
even for a few minutes at a time, this easy system works, plain and simple.
The insights shared in this recording alone can prove to be highly valuable
if you would like to get a handle on the right "mind set" required if
one is to truly enjoy the freedom that goes along with improvising.
Here are the four bars we will use for our demonstration in this program:

Tenderly 1st four measures

Don't let those fancy chord symbols fool you. We are staying basic with this...

Also, it's fine if you are not yet comfortable playing in the key of our example
because the concepts presented are meant to be applied to your favorite
songs in the keys you play them. This will become easy for you.

No Reading Of Music Necessary

We are providing the lead sheet notation for the example used in the demonstration
for those who would like to consider the concepts presented in the context of
musical notation. However, one may easily benefit from simply following
along with the audio animation video, since the keys on the screen
light up (you can see a sample below).

What You Need To Know To Take Advantage

Piano Improvisation Made Easy

1) Do you have a knowledge of how to play a few 7th chords?
2) Can you sing, hum, or whistle the first few notes to a nursery rhyme song like
Mary Had A Little Lamb? Then you're ready : )

Even if your knowledge of chords is limited, this video can easily
serve as inspiration to start creating some very interesting improvisational
ideas of your own... the "highlighted keys" in the video make learning simple
 playing simple melodies on your piano or keyboard.
(You'll see for yourself!)

View A Sample

Yes, of course you would probably like to see a sample of this video yourself
prior to making a decision to invest in it. Simply click here for a clip
In its entirety, this video is approximately 30 minutes in duration.

Also particularly good if you would like an easy approach to embellishing those melodies!

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