The Secret To Piano Improvisation Revealed

Piano Improvisation Video SessionsPiano improvisation is a topic I am passionate about. It is not possible for me to convey in words how strongly I feel about what is being presented here. What I am about to share is a concept that has truly worked wonders for individuals who aspire to learn how to play piano in a way that reflects their own personal ingenuity and ability to create. Yes, that means you, regardless of whatever limitations you may have placed on yourself up to this point.

Why is it so effective? Because it is based on a concept that has proven to work for centuries in the area of how people learn to communicate. You really already know about it. However, it is being referred to as a “secret” because this learning strategy is often overlooked by those who have an interest in expressing themselves in an improvisational way in the realm of music.

You have actually used this principle in your own life. Practically everyone else has, too. But, somehow, when it comes to performing musically, it escapes so many.

Here it is:

You know how to speak your language fluently, yes? You also know that if one wants to speak in a language freely and fluently, that person must practice using the elements of that language over and over again… and those elements must be used in different contexts. For individuals who have learned a 2nd language (or more), you are aware that this concept had to come into play in order to learn to speak that language with confidence.

There you have it.

This is what you might consider to be the real secret to”speaking” via your musical instrument in a creative fashion – practice using the elements over and over in different contexts.

This is this premise upon which my creative piano learning programs is based.

My Sneak Peeks series is no exception. To take it further, you might say that this golden fundamental to learning how to improvise has been utilized in high gear. You will be introduced to some very interesting ideas in the area of improvisation, some of them rather unique. You see, I understand an important fact when it comes to the learning process and I want you to be in tune with it as well:

Repeated exposure to unfamiliar elements makes them familiar.

So, this is an opportunity for you to put this highly  invaluable formula to work fo you in the area of piano improvisation. Within the context of different sessions (all of which can be enjoyed via instant online access), you will be exposed to piano styling ideas. You will eventually feel more confident in areas like improvisation, piano chord voicings, piano fills, and other interesting insights, tips, and stategies that you can put to use in a fashion that will give you reason to be impressed with yourself (not to mention how your listeners will perceive you).

People who subscribe to this approach to learning – those who really see the value in it – enjoy remarkable results. Once they experience one of these Sneak Peeks sessions, they usually take advantage of the other sessions in the series.

Learn Improvisation In “Small Chews” Within The Context Of A Few Measures

The content of these video sessions will generally include discussion within the context of about four measures of a standard song. You will view a demonstration of various piano styling strategies, including professional insights and “trade secrets” that you will enjoy having at your command once you’ve been exposed to them and have implemented them repeatedly. Within the context of a musical excerpt, we take a look at different tips and strategies a pro player might consider using when either playing that tune from a fake book or from memory.

The idea is to expand your creative mind set by displaying different approaches to that musical segment by using elements of this musical language  – specifically chords, voicings, scales, and melodic improvisation ideas – so that you become inspired to use these musical ideas over and over in different contexts, including your favorite  songs, of course.

Enjoy The Benefits Of Pausing The Sessions At Any Moment

With the exception of Sneak Peeks #1, which consists of the Audio Animation (very popular), all of these sessions consist of both Piano Improvisation Video SessionsAudio Animation and the actual video of my playing at the keys. The benefits that go hand in hand with having the luxury of being able to pause a video, rewind, and replay a section at will are irreplaceable. People continue to communicate their progress to me and I enthusiastically look forward to hearing from you as well.

You can experience an excerpt of each session prior to making a decision so that you feel comfortable with your purchase. If you have any questions, simply email me using the form on this page. I will be happy to help in any way that I possibly can. I do appreciate that you are here.