Piano Chord Voicings & A Whole Lot More!

Piano Chord Voicings And MoreI love talking about the topic of piano improvisation, including the use of piano chord voicings, piano fills, and more.
Oh! What fun I had in this session with the first four measures of My Romance by Richard Rogers and Lorenz Hart.

This very popular audio animation focuses on the concept that “less can be more” as we look at playing with voicings
that are easy to play yet effective. We see that the use of shells really can contribute to an overall great sounding
performance. We also see how the use of open voicings can offer a nice balance to our playing when integrated with those shells.

We don’t stop there, however. The concept of rootless voicings is demonstrated, including the use of 9th and 13th chords. Also, we observe how even a simple root position chord, when played in the context of these voicings, can also be tasteful. The principle of contrast in our music is also a focus in this video session.

One exposed to this tutorial, you will surely be in tune with the idea that “meshing” or “mixing” our different
musical ideas is really conducive to a professional sounding presentation. There is no doubt that, as you experience
a few measures over and over again via this “looping” approach to learning, you will be inspired to incorporate these
ideas into your favorite standard tunes. If you have the lead sheet to My Romance, you will even likely want to take
these techniques and create a complete arrangement of your own. However, that is up to you, as this concentrated
method of learning is here to use as you see most suitable.

This tutorial goes way beyond the discussion of chord voicings, as touched upon earlier. There are so many subtleties that are acknowledged which you can extract value from. If you can imagine meeting up with a pro piano stylist as he is sitting at the piano and being able to get a hands-on demonstration of piano playing tricks as he explains to you exactly what he is doing, then you will have an idea of what this session will be like for you. Better yet, what if you could hear and see it over and over again? I think it would almost go without saying what kind of benefits are in store for you here. I am happy and grateful to say that so many students have confirmed that value in their communication with me.

There is just way too much included in this special session to talk about here, including passing chords, simple fills,
and more. It is my hope that you will really enjoy it and put to use some of the ideas you’ll be exposed to right away.
Perhaps others will serve as food for thought as you proceed. There is no reason to rush through this. It truly is
a learning tool that you can grow with.

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