A Piano Chord Voicings Program You Can Grow With

Piano Chord Voicings ProgramAlthough this piano chord voicings program can stand alone in terms of being effective, it would seem fitting to state that Pro Piano Chord Bytes serves as the perfect complement to our signature chord voicing program ProProach. The program is presented as a weekly subscription where you receive one new lesson in your email box each week for a period of 6 months (yes, you have access to them after that, too). Each lesson consists of comprehensive textual explanations and graphics.

When you really think about it, you don’t have to know much about chords at all to get some pretty effective results since all you need to do is look at the keyboard illustrations, copy what you see, and listen to the results. Naturally, the program was intended to be more helpful than a user taking advantage of it in that manner. However, it is understood that each person who enjoys the subscription is of a different, personal level. This will determine what approach you take with Pro Piano Chord Bytes. It’s certainly a program you can grow with. As with ProProach, the second, third, fourth time you take yourself through a lesson, you will discover more and more insights.

For the curious learner who indeed wants to learn to be a more creative player harmonically on the piano keyboard, this program is wonderful. The added commentary provided with each lesson has been effectively placed there so that you can actually take each lesson further that how it initially meets the eye. One of the unique, effective features of Pro Piano Chord Bytes (as in ProProach) is that we use tiny excerpts from real songs to see just how each piano chord voicing can be used in the context of music.

There are no videos in this program. Yes, we live in a communication age in which watching videos has become a primary tool for learning. However, it’s interesting to note that creativity does not evolve by simply copying what others are doing. Rather, it involves the aspiring creator taking the initiative to explore possibilities on his or her own. Yes, we can learn from copying. However, the real creativity comes into play when you use what you have been exposed to in various ways. This is where Pro Piano Chord Bytes can be a most effective tool. It provides the kind of guidance in order to make that way of learning easier. Truly, if you want to learn how to create interesting piano chord voicings on that piano or keyboard of yours, this program is the way to go. Combine it with ProProach (which does include videos) and you’ve got a lot on your side!

The first lesson is complimentary so that you can become familiar with the format. Yes, it’s true that many people look at that first lesson, don’t see a video, and move on without becoming engaged. However, the few who see it a different way experience something the others don’t. It’s kind of like searching for diamonds. Those who wait for the diamonds to “jump up at them” usually leave pretty quickly. Those who understand that it requires a little more digging are likely to walk away with the rewards. I think you’ll experience this for yourself if you will get involved and, in addition to having fun with the voicings given at face value, use the commentary and suggestions provided. Remember, all that additional help was incorporated into the program for a reason.

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