Chord Voicings Explored In So Many Ways

Chord Voicings ExploredChord voicings are a big part of the game when it comes to creative piano playing. Whether you want to refer to them as chord voicings, jazz piano voicings, jazz piano chords, or other, we are referring to the same topic.

Our signature program for exploring chord voicings is ProProach, an online program that has been enjoyed worldwide for years. That said, the exploration of chord voicings is something we do in a number of our programs. Virtually any learning tool that you will find in our Cocktail Piano section here offers assistance in the area of voicings. For example, the Sneak Peeks series, which has become so very popular, offers “over the shoulder” help in terms of so many aspects of piano styling, chord voicings being one of them.

Do you like blues piano? Actually, basic blues voicings are something every piano stylist ought to learn early in the game. After all, you won’t be just using them while playing the blues. An introduction to them is offered in Blues Piano Chord Voicings: An Introduction. Virtually any beginner can have fun with that video session. The results are easily attainable and you’ll sound good!

There is much “overlapping” when it comes to the learning tools you will find here. You will often find that a video session includes a primary focus along with many peripheral benefits. Imagine going up to a pro piano stylist during a break after he finishes playing and being able to ask him questions. Also imagine what that conversation and demonstration could include if that person was indeed the type who was enthusiastic to share what he knew. It might start out with a chord voicing or two… then an improvisation idea… a piano fill… etc. It is with this kind of passion these videos were created. They were meant to serve in that type of way.

An extremely popular video collection, consisting of four modules, can be found here. Lots of  topics are included in these sessions, including fills, improvisation, chord voicings, and even creating an arrangement. The classic song Over The Rainbow is a favorite of mine. The chord changes to that song are absolutely beautiful. I liked it so much that I created a special session devoted to those chord changes. Actually, the program includes a lead sheet for an original tune I wrote using the chords to that hit standard. We cover lots of territory in those four modules. It’s likely that you will want to watch those videos again and again, each time extracting more and more value from them. I’m pretty sure you’ll find it works that way with almost all of the tools you’ll find here. Repeated exposure always leads to more insight. The learning process truly can be (and should be) an exciting journey

If you happen to have any questions about any of these learning tools or any others in our store, including how they might help you… or if you would like suggestions,… please don’t hesitate to use the contact form on this page. I will receive your message and reply with enthusiasm.