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Cocktail piano players of all levels visit Piano Amore for tips, techniques, and strategies for enhancing their skills. Also, beginners who aspire to learn how to play cocktail piano will find tools here that will set them well on their way to gaining confidence at those keys.

Piano Amore is your resource for learning cocktail piano techniques that will surely bring out the creativity in you. When referring to “cocktail piano,” many people will have various ideas in mind. Essentially, we are looking at solo piano playing that is suitable in a number of different environments. The particular genres that are played can, of course, vary. In short, any type of solo piano playing that is complementary to a somewhat relaxed, social environment can be considered to be cocktail piano. For a more comprehensive explanation of cocktail piano, please visit here.

Here at Piano Amore, you will find a generous collection of learning tools to help in this respect. Again, it is understood that individuals at different levels visit here. For beginners, you will certainly obtain benefit from both our Cocktail Piano 1-2-3 series and How To Play Standard Songs With Confidence series. Both have proven to be of utmost help to the aspiring cocktail pianist. For cocktail players looking to elaborate on their current skills, our Sneak Peeks series has been most beneficial. It’s literally full of cocktail piano techniques that will keep you busy for a long time to come.

But it doesn’t stop there. You see, virtually all of the tools available here are geared toward helping you to gain more and more confidence in the area of solo piano playing. Visitors tend to view our store as a “buffet” of learning morsels, as there is plenty to chew and digest for learners at all levels.

Most of the learning material that you will be exposed to here at Piano Amore will be in the form of “over the shoulder” sessions that give you the opportunity to watch me demonstrate various techniques and concepts while I narrate. I have had the opportunity to look over the shoulder of professionals myself during my musical development and always found it to be truly encouraging and helpful. This is my way of offering similar help to aspiring musicians.

I am happy to say that, since the birth of Piano Amore, I have enjoyed corresponding with people of all ages, levels, and backgrounds from around the world. The truth is I have never gotten tired of that. I love the many online conversations I have had and continue to have via email with individuals. In reality, this communication has inspired me. Many of the tools that have become available here exist as a result of this inspiration.

I sincerely hope you will find some value by investing some time here at the site. Please do not hesitate to send me your communication if I can help with anything. Perhaps you have a question about one of our video sessions, a piano-related question, or a general comment. Quite simply, I am glad that you are here!