Blues Piano Chords: An Introduction

Blues Piano ChordsPlay a couple of blues piano chords on those keys with a blues lick or two and you’ve got the attention of your listener. There’s something about the sound of those blues chord voicings that just grabs the ear. Combine them with a few blues scale licks and, wow, they just want to hear more.

However, there is another benefit to sitting at the piano and playing the blues at a nice, slow tempo that the player gets to enjoy. Sure, he or she can appreciate what it all sounds like as anyone else would but we’re talking about the feeling one gets when able to confidently play a simple blues chorus over and over again. It can be rather “therapeutic” to the player. A sense of relaxation takes over. If you’re ever stressed, go to that piano or keyboard of yours and have some fun with playing some blues and watch – rather, feel – what happens. The more you play the blues, the more you want to.

Sometimes it can be challenging to find a piano teacher who specializes in helping in this genre and with taking an improvisational approach to playing. That’s one reason why these tools are made available here for you. What’s great about all this is that playing blues on the piano is not far from anyone’s reach. Allowing yourself to become familiar with a few simple concepts, apply them on a regular basis, and you’ll be playing blues piano before you know it.

You’ll want to acquaint yourself with a few basic blues piano chords or chord voicings. Actually, you only need to know three. Start becoming comfortable playing them within the structure of the basic 12-bar blues format at a very steady tempo, and you’re on your way. Once you’re feeling good with that, add some right-hand ideas utilizing the blues scale and things start to really take shape!

Blues Piano Chord Voicings: An Introduction is a video session you’ll likely want to take advantage of if you would like to begin doing what we’re talking about here. You’ll start becoming comfortable playing those left-hand blues chords in a way that is easy-to-understand and, yes, so easy to play. This video offers a 30-minute audio animation where you can see exactly what is being played. However, along with that, you’ll be listening to narrated instruction so there will be no question as to how to accomplish what this session has in store for you.

Even a beginner who watches and applies the suggestions presented in this video session will be playing blues chords that will have people who are walking by stopping in their tracks. You’ll be also be getting a nice introduction to what chord voicings are. You will actually be playing 9th and 13th chords! In addition, you’ll be in touch with the value of smooth voice-leading and more. For the individual who has always wanted to be able to play blues piano but didn’t have a clue as to where to begin, this is the session that will absolutely make the difference.

Once you purchase this session, you will gain instant access to the video so you can begin enjoying it right away. Also, if you happen to have any questions regarding your involvement with the session, feel free to submit them using the contact form on this page. It will indeed be a pleasure to help you enjoy a more rewarding experience!

You can gain access to Blues Piano Chord Voicings: An Introduction by clicking here