Have fun learning your basic piano chords first!Basic Chords On The Piano

Learning piano chords is a big part of the game when it comes to creative playing. The really good news is that your journey toward piano chord mastery can be equated to following a path while discovering unlimited treasures. You see, each new discovery can be appreciated and enjoyed. That’s right. You don’t have to know it all before you start having a ball with it all!

The three main elements of music are: melody, harmony, and rhythm. When you’re exploring your chords and gaining confidence with playing them, you are increasing your command over the harmonic part of the game. There’s no time like the present to begin doing this. You’re going to have fun!

A great thing about learning chords on the piano is that, with each one you learn, you really can start being musical with it right away. You don’t have to take a “robotic” or “academic” approach to learning them. Again, each new chord that you become familiar with can be a new “gem” that you can add to your collection.

It’s true that there are lots and lots of chords to learn (and that’s one of the things that makes music so rewarding). However, to the beginner, it ought to be encouraging and uplifting to know that just about all the chords you could possibly learn (including all those 7th chords, fancy jazz 9th, 11th, and 13th chords, and more) are based on four basic types of chords. These chords can be referred to as triads, meaning they are chords consisting of only three notes. The four qualities being referred to are:

  • Major
  • Minor
  • Diminished
  • Augmented

Once you have a handle on these four basic chord types, you have the foundation to learn to play all the other chords that exist. Perhaps no better way to gain mastery of these four chord types exists outside of having them demonstrated in a way that leads you to a point of being able to play them on your own within a matter of minutes. A video that will provide you with such a demonstration can be found here.

That video/guidebook combination will serve as the tool you need to play any major, minor, augmented, or diminished chord on command with confidence. It is presented in both a clear and entertaining manner. Also, you will be able to gain access to it immediately.

Once you are able to play any of these four chord types, you will actually have learned more than you will need to Basic Piano Chords Video & Guidebookknow in order to play so many songs that have been written throughout the decades! Really. Did you know that so many chords that we are all so familiar with only use three major chords?

A few are:

Happy Birthday

Merrily WE Roll Along (Mary Had A Little Lamb)

Jingle Bells

Splish Splash

Rock Around The Clock

Gosh, there are tons of songs that only consist of three chords!

Anyhow, having the command that you will have as a result of exposing yourself to that video session and guidebook, along with applying the suggestions, will have you feeling more confident when it comes to piano chords than you likely previously imagined possible.

There is no need to rush through this learning process! Enjoy each newly found “jewel” and learn to be playful with it. The video will help you to do this. A great thing about that tool is, once you use it a bit, you’ll be independent of needing it. Yes, you will be in the driver’s seat when it comes to playing all four chord types.

If you have any questions once you get started with that video/guidebook combo, use the contact form on this page to ask me. You have a direct line to the author 🙂

Enjoy the journey… and PLEASE… give me posted as to how things are going for you!