Fun With 7th Chords On The Piano7th Chords On The Piano

One might equate 7th chords as the “frosting on the cake” (the “cake” being your basic triads). Those triads, including your major, minor, augmented, and diminished chords are the foundation to all those other chords. Once you start adding 7ths, you are adding additional flavor. Is this always necessary? No. There are tons of tunes written in which only those basic triads are called for. However, if you are to acquire a more well-rounded skill set, you will absolutely need to familiarize yourself with those 7th chords.

It’s not necessary to learn all your 7th chords on the piano to start feeling confident, however. There are a lot of them to learn. That said, there are some types of 7th chords used more often than others.

The three most commonly played 7th chords are:

  • Major 7th chords
  • Minor 7th chords
  • Dominant 7th chords

Yes, you will want to learn others. However, those three types pretty much comprise the majority of the harmony
in songs you will play.

If you already have a handle on your triads, you have a great head start. I actually created an online video tutorial7th Chords On The Piano
that builds upon that knowledge. This program walks you through ten different 7th chord types. The nice thing about it is that it will not take you long at all to master these 7th chords, one at a time. Simply watch the video, go to your piano or keyboard and apply what you have learned. Taking one chord type at a time, you won’t have to keep your eyes fixed on the video as you play these chords. They are explained in a clear enough manner that will allow you to be independent of them relatively quickly.

Like the other programs, you’ll gain instant online access to these easy-to-follow video sessions. Also, the mystery when it comes to deciphering all those fancy chord symbols like A-7(b5), F#-7, Edim7, etc., becomes history. You’ll have a handle on how to play virtually any type of 7th chord that you will need to know for those favorite songs of yours.

I want you to know, too, that you can ask questions as you expose yourself to those sessions. I personally feel it’s a nice thing to have access to the author of a book or video that you are involved with when it would seem helpful.

Truly, I want your experience here at Piano Amore to be a rewarding one!

I appreciate you…