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Welcome to Piano Amore!

Online Piano LessonsI wanted to create a resource for online piano lessons that people would want to come back to again. In addition to learning the basics of piano playing, it was a goal of mine to put tips, techniques, and strategies of the professional piano stylists within reach of even the beginner. This can happen at many levels, of course. Naturally, the more time one dedicates to a hobby of any kind, the more competent and confident he or she becomes. So, I am not here to minimize the value that time investment plays in terms of making progress.

That said, I want to also make it clear that the average person has a whole lot more potential for achieving impressive results within a reasonable amount of time then he or she is likely to take credit for. I realize that I am addressing a number of people of various backgrounds here. So, I’m not implying a “one size fits all” approach to learning. Rather, I believe that it is possible for the individual who is willing to apply some self-initiative to accomplish some pretty amazing things at that piano or keyboard.

Which description comes closest to your situation?

“I never even sat at a piano before. I don’t even know where to begin…”

I personally think it’s great that you’re considering having some fun at that piano or keyboard of yours. Please don’t make the mistake of pre-judging yourself or talking yourself out of getting started. There’s no special standard that you have to live up to and no one that you need to compare yourself to. The truth is you can start having fun at those keys as early as a few moments from now. We have some tools that can really be helpful. In addition, we can recommend resources that we feel you may benefit from. By all means, take the time to send us an email using the form on this page. We would love to provide you with some encouragement and inspiration!

“I just want to learn how to read music.”

Learning to read music opens you up to discovering a whole world. So, your goal is most certainly a worthy one! In addition to providing you with some materials that will have you more confident with reading that staff and associating what you learn to the piano keyboard, we can also give you some direction by suggesting tools to take your skills to higher levels.

“I already know how to read. I want to learn more about chords and how to use them.”

You are definitely at the right place! Whatever your current level happens to be, we’ll put you in touch with learning tools that will make it easy to develop your chord understanding and have you applying that knowledge in creative ways that will amaze yourself and others! From basic chords to the more complex chord voicings (you know, those fancy chord sounds you hear the pros play), you’ve got everything available here at your fingertips 24/7.

“I want to be able to take a piece and learn to spice it up, using fills and improvisation.”

Well, that’s a specialty of ours here at Piano Amore! Anything from basic piano styling tips to more advanced cocktail piano tricks of the trade can be explored using the learning tools we have available. You will enjoy “over the shoulder” sessions with a pro piano stylist as you watch tips, techniques, and strategies used while he explains them in a fashion that is super understandable.

“Are your piano learning tools available online?”

Yes, absolutely. All of our programs are accessible via instant online access. Once you purchase any of our tools, you can also count on reliable customer service to make sure that there isn’t any confusion when it comes to your gaining access to your purchases. You will quickly learn that you are highly valued here at Piano Amore!

Have other questions? I would love to hear from you! Just use the contact form on this page. I will respond ASAP!