Right Hand Chord Piano Made Easy


Learn the art of “right hand chord piano” the easy way and add dimension to your piano playing!


A very unique step-by-step approach to learning how to play “right hand chord piano.” If you have fallen into the common “trap” of always playing chords with the left hand and melody with the right, this program will open you up to playing those songs in a more professional manner. A very unique characteristic of this particular program is that you only need to know how to play three(3) chords… Cmaj, Fmaj, and Gmaj! In addition, chord inversions for these triads are explored here, including correct fingerings as well as how these inversions are valuable as you get a grasp on how to play “chord melody” in a most easy fashion! More advanced players also take advantage of this program to become acquainted with the “right hand chord piano” approach and are encouraged to transfer the concepts to the more advanced chords they are already familiar with. Extremely popular due to its simplicity. Learn more


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