ProProach Lesson #9


This suspense is what you are looking for! The dominant 13th chord lends itself to adding more interest to those intros, fills, turnarounds, and endings!

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As expressed in the video, Lessons 7, 8, and 9 really work as a trio related to each other. You are encouraged to use them as a “unit.” This lesson takes that suspended dominant 7th chord to another level. The 13th chord is acknowledged and we utilize it in a most practical fashion for creating interesting intros and fills. Another look at that excerpt of Misty (Garner) allows us to expand on what we did in an earlier session for its turnaround back to the beginning. As we see, adding some rhythmic variety while using these strategies is most conducive to added interest in your playing. This one, in conjunction with Lessons 7 and 8, will have you playing with so much more creative confidence!


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