ProProach Lesson #8


Add flair to those standard tunes as you master this very simply dominant suspended chordal approach. You’ll use these techniques again and again for intros, fills, and endings!

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This one is like gold for intros, fills, and endings. We look at the suspended dominant chord and the many ways it can earn its reputation as a best friend of ours. You are about to see how the dominant 11th chord is one worth looking at when it comes to adding some beauty to our arrangements. Also, if you were never introduced to a slash chord, that’s about to change. We use a tiny excerpt of Misty (Garner), Satin Doll (Ellington & Strayhorn), and Amazing Grace (Newton) as we actually utilize what is learned in this session. The concept of using those 11th chords in a most creative way is reduced to a very simple way of adding pizzazz to your tunes!


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