ProProach Lesson #7


A super strategy for creating harmonic interest when our melody isn’t so active. You’ll look forward to employing your own piano fills using these strategies!

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So, when your melody note lasts for two, four, or eight beats, how do you keep things interesting? A beginner might anxiously wait for the time to go by… but a pro would not! We take an interesting harmonic approach using chords already known. A couple of small excerpts from My Love (McCartney) and Over The Rainbow (Arlen & Harburg) help us get a grasp on how to employ these strategies. As we shall see, this approach works extremely well if you are accompanying a singer or instrumentalist as well. Creating harmonic motion as demonstrated in this session will change your playing and you will actually look forward to those moments of melodic inactivity! A super way to introduce yourself to piano fills in a very harmonic way.


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