ProProach Lesson #16


Let’s apply those quartal voicings to the ever-popular II – V – I chord progression. A nice way to pull some of these previous lessons together!

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Remember, it’s one thing to learn new voicings. It’s quite another USING what you learn. As you know, this is what ProProach is all about. That said, we’ve explored those quartal voicings for the last four lessons. So, have you applied them to something as basic as the II – V – I chord progression? Well, doing exactly that is our primary focus in this lesson. Since that chord progression is found more than any other chord progression in those favorite standard songs, we are really equipping ourselves in a great way. As we mentioned before, repeating different strategies in the context of the same song can really put the spotlight where it needs to be and enhances our creativity. That’s why we look at how this works so nicely in a small segment of Misty (Garner).


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