ProProach Lesson #10


We learn how “less” really can be “more” when it come to how we approach those tunes harmonically! This one is a must for any pro stylist’s toolbox!

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We’ve all heard the expression, “Less is more.” Well, this lesson shares how we can use this truth to our advantage when it comes to harmonizing our tunes. The content of this lesson really clears things up with just enough of a theoretical explanation to understand how this is possible. This is truly a lesson in “harmonic economy” with our focus being on the 3 and 7 of a chord. You’ll want to employ what you learn here in conjunction with so many of the other techniques and strategies you are learning in the other lessons. Tiny excerpts of Alfie (Bacharach & David) and Misty (Garner) show the effectiveness of this approach. Mastering this simple technique is an absolute must for adding richness to your playing! Lessons 10 and 11 make perfect companions.


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