Pro Piano Chord Bytes

Now available on Amazon! The “Secret Key” to making this work for you: In addition to playing the chord voicings as clearly presented via the graphics, become involved with the additional commentary toward the bottom of each lesson page. You’ll transform into a chord voicing master quicker than you might think possible!



Indeed, these rare, brief but priceless “aha!” moments are precious opportunities no player would want to miss if and when they ever present themselves. Maybe you’ve already had the privilege of experiencing such eye-opening moments. Even if you haven’t, this is your chance to take advantage of this very rare “sneak peek” at a pro’s insight as to how to play some of those super chord sounds… and in the right places! Yes, each idea is presented in the context of an actual song so that you can learn how a professional is really likely think in such a situation.

Take each idea and start “inserting” it into other songs of yours and your “chord confidence” will skyrocket! Collect all of these precious gems and just listen to what you’ll sound like over a period of the next several weeks! This program serves as the perfect compliment to ProProach (also available here in our store)!

Pro Piano Chord Bytes is now available on Amazon. Enjoy as an instant download! Click here to get your copy!


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