Easy Chord Substitutions


Develop those musical ears and learn simple reharmonization ideas with this piano video session that is presented in a most encouraging and inspiring fashion.


Truly good news for the beginning player who aspires to learn how to reharmonize simple songs so they explode with flavor! Only three triads are used in this session – C major, F major, and G major, and for good reason: to demonstrate how simple taking to the next level really can be! This session is presented within the context of the universally popular hymn “Amazing Grace” because of its simplicity but you can start applying this simple concept to work in your favorite tunes! Unlock the secret using this very easy song and apply to your own favorites. Even just playing the exercise is a fun journey toward greater musical ears. You’ll be hearing some familiar chord sounds, as in songs like Billy Joe’s “Piano Man” (since slash chords are used extensively in that song) and many others. This is a strategy that you’ll grow with and, once exposed to, will open the doors to lots of fun. Your ears will open!

If your chord knowledge is limited to triads, this one will give you the kick start you need to start creating your own chord substitutions the easy way. If you have more experience, this fun video session just may add some dimension to what you already know! Learn more


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