Chord Changes To Great Songs #1


Enjoy this collection of four (4) video sessions that build upon each other, leading you to more and more creative insights when it comes to enhancing your own playing!


Having fun with chord changes to a familiar song we both can relate to, we take a journey down the road of piano creativity as we take a close look at how to incorporate great piano sounds, including chord oicings, improvisation, fills, and more… this is a fun, informal session that I just know you will view as a treasure. We take a lead sheet (which you are provided) to a song composed with similar chord changes to a famous standard and interpret them in a way that will change your piano playing forever! I really take into consideration the questions and input I receive via email when offering this content, so thank you for your  contributions! You can enjoy the videos while following along with the lead sheet for easy reference. Of course, you can simply choose to watch and learn, as there is lots for anyone to benefit from, even if you don’t read music at all! Learn more


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