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Online Cocktail Piano Video Tutorials

Online Cocktail Piano Video TutorialsThis online store manifested out of a desire to direct my two passions toward one major purpose. My two passions: 1) progressively realizing my own personal creative potential on this wonderful instrument we have come to call a piano; 2) helping others to do the same. I created this site so that it would serve as a resource of helpful tools devoted to helping the adult piano student to unleash his or her creative, musical genius that resides within.

That may seem like a tall order to some beginners. However, I am communicating directly to you. Whether you have never placed your hands on a piano keyboard before, you’ve played professionally for a good number of years, or you’re experience exists somewhere in between those two places, there is always room for realizing more of your personal potential.

It’s rather interesting when you look at this truth. A typical mind set of an absolute beginner may go something like this: “I don’t know much at all. My mind is an open slate” and that of a polished piano artist (of the real variety) is much the same. There’s always something around the corner to discover. That’s the beauty of it all and the very truth that has kept me in this game for so long.

Cocktail Piano Video Tutorials & More

There are lots of cocktail piano video tutorials available here that you can access instantly. That said, the learning tools here will help more than just the aspiring cocktail player. I’m happy to say that people from around the globe involved in various walks of life have found the piano tutorials here to be helpful. There ‘s the novice who enjoys playing for himself or herself who simply enjoys tapping into that creative side. There is the professional cocktail player who is always open to enhancing his or her piano styling skills. Of course, the jazz pianist who is looking to gain further insight is always finding something here that will help to do just that.

Whatever your reason, I’m glad you are here. I welcome you with open arms.

Let’s Leave The Communication Open

I also want you to know that I am open to your communication. Throughout the years, one of my favorite things to do is check my email box as I find letters written by people from opposite sides of the planet commenting on how a particular video or e-book helped them arrive at their next level of understanding. I love hearing from you.

Please enjoy exploring what’s here and share any questions that may arise. Truly, I hope that what you find here can touch you in a positive way.