Dave Longo Hi. I’m Dave Longo. I started Piano Amore over ten years ago. Since then, so many tools have been created to help the adult player realize his or her creative musical potential. Honestly, I’ve had a ball doing this. Furthermore, the relationships I’ve enjoyed with those around the globe have been absolutely extraordinary. 

Who did I create this site for? Many adults who have taken advantage of our online learning tools are those who play for their own enjoyment and want to learn how to be more creative with their favorite pop & jazz tunes. Even pro cocktail pianists have used the tools here to enhance their own personal playing. In short, this site was created for all those in similar shoes. 

A little about myself… I started playing piano at the age of 7. From day one, I was trained to play creatively. I learned all about chords and how to use them in different ways so that, basically, I never played a song exactly the same way twice. My first teacher would present me the tools, give me a new song, and say, “Learn to play this song 5 ways this week.” Subsequently, my following teachers also specialized in teaching improvisational styles. So, you see, I almost don’t know what it’s like to not be inspired to play creatively… and I love sharing this stuff.

As a player, I’ve enjoyed playing on cruise lines like Carnival, Celebrity, Princess, and Norwegian as both a solo pianist and orchestra musician. Locally, I’ve served as a pianist for functions like weddings, private parties, and other functions as well as pianist for certain congregations in the Sarasota, Florida area.

When I’m faced with a student who wants to learn how to express himself or herself creatively, I feel at home when it comes to helping that individual. What you’ll find here are tools that differ from just about anything you’ll find anywhere else. In all honesty, it’s the input and feedback I’ve had the privilege of receiving from people like you that led to the many learning tools available here. That being said, allow me to express my gratitude to you for being here. I truly want your time here to prove to be a rewarding experience.