88 Keys To Learning
88 Weeks of Encouragement, Motivation, Inspiration, Practice Tips, Suggestions, and More!

"Practicing piano never tasted so good!"

Are your practice sessions at that piano or keyboard bringing you less than 110% joy and satisfaction?

Are you in the habit of treating your practice sessions as a mere means to an end instead of
allowing them to be the kind of fun and rewarding moments they were meant to be?

Would you like to be able to know, even before you sit at that keys, that each and
every practice session of yours has something positive to offer you?

Could you use a coach to provide that special little "pep talk"
on those days when you're feeling less than your best?

How do you think your results would be different you
actually got yourself to love to practice?

Have fun with 88 Keys To Learning!

Putting the FUN back into practicing...

Gain CONFIDENCE in handling practicing problems...

ACHIEVE a better outlook when it comes to dealing with challenges...

Learn to gain MAXIMUM results for your efforts...

Learn to LOVE to practice...

Learn to approach your practice routines in a creative way...

Get MORE out of your current piano lessons beginning TODAY...

Teaching yourself? Make your practice time more EFFICIENT and Interesting...

What this program is not: 

This is not a piano learning method. You are encouraged to either use whatever method
you are currently using or to ask us for suggestions in this area.

This program is not designed to teach you how to read music, how to play chords or scales,
how to improvise, how to play jazz piano voicings, or the like. 

Rather, the popular program will serve as an encouraging and motivating tool to help you to 
maintain a positive attitude during the learning process and will also get you to think "outside the box"
at times. Yes, we will acknowledge certain topics as technique, sight reading. and more.
At times, we'll be engaging in some activities that you may perceive a bit strange or unfamiiar.
Give this program some time and watch your attitude (among other things) change for the better!
Let's face it... when you think better, you perform better!

How it works:

 Each new "key" that will give you something to think about and apply
as you proceed with during the week. As you have fun incorporating
each new "key" into your weekly routine, over time, watch and see! 
Many rewards await your claim!

Originally, each new "key" was being emailed once per week to allow
for some time to have fun and apply its suggestions for some time before
getting involved with the next "key." This program is still designed to be
utilized in this manner. That said, in order to avoid any "keys" not being

received by you on time due to email service "glitches," spam bots, etc.,
you will gain immediate access to all 88 "keys" for your convenience. I 
would like to strongly encourage that you proceed with the program
as it was originally intended even though you have all of the "keys"
at your fingertips. You'll benefit greatly in this way.

We've got 88 sessions to look forward to, so how 'bout it? You in?

Let's see... 88 weeks... that's over a year and a half... hmmm...

I want to make this one a "no-brainer" for you, so consider
accepting my invitation have you meet up with you in your
 email box once a week to help you get the most
of your time at that piano or keyboard of yours
for just a one-time-subscription fee of just:
$24 if you act today!


88 Weeks Of Encouragement & Motivation
Designed To Get You To Add Spark To
Your Practicing Routine!

Use one a week!

Please have fun with this!







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